We subscribe to Yzerfontein Armed Response, and as such there are 3 panic buttons strategically distributed throughout the house. For the sake of security, these will be explained to you at check-in. Please beware: The Green Button on the remote is a Panic Button.

Gas Stove

Ever heard of the saying: “Now we’re cooking with gas!” It’s a treat…and don’t worry about running out. We always keep a full cylinder on-site. You will find it in the garage, and on your way there you will walk past the empty. There are two stop valves. One at the cylinder, and another in the house, by the stove. In addition to the two stop valves, there is also an electrical switch right above the stove…which offers you the best of both worlds. Gas hob and electric oven. You need electricity to spark the hob.

Electricity Main Board

You will find it in the Laundry, and it’s easy…ensure everything is switched on.

Water Mains Connection

The municipal water connection is to the left of the double garage, when facing the house. Should there be a major water leak, please turn the mains off and inform Manuel on 082 880 2525.