1. Maximum occupancy of 8 people (children included).
  2. Check-in time is after 14h00
  3. Check-out time is before 11h00
  4. Please try your best to not stain the carpets.
  5. As a matter of due process, the inventory is checked on a per item and occupancy basis. Any items not found will be communicated to you first, but if unrecovered, will be replaced at your cost.
  6. Should something fail during your stay, please contact Manuel on 082 880 2525. Please do not appoint a contractor without informing the manager first.
  7. Refer to the Municipal roster as to when refuge can be placed outside for collection.
  8. Please take special precaution when lighting the fireplace. Although it draws well, over-stacking leads to smoke overflowing into the house. Additionally please ensure the fire is out before you leave the house.
  9. Respect the privacy of your neighbours.
  10. Always lock the house and enable the alarm when not on-site.
  11. Please inform management of any failures or breakages.
  12. Please limit the amount of beach sand going down the drains as much as you can.
  13. Enjoy your stay!